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Cross-linked hyaluronic acid (basic level) + Cross-lined hyaluronic acid: New! Lip contouring and enhancement (advanced level) BioPeeling – a pre-aesthetic treatment to prepare skin for an invasive procedure. Presentation and discussion of used products included in the training price.

We organise models for the course. 80% of our program is focused on practical exercises.
During the training course innovative and the most effective product application techniques and legal regulations applicable at cosmetic clinics are presented.
People without basic skills at performing needle mesotherapy procedures cannot participate in the training course. All participants receive 1 ml of a cross-linked hyaluronic acid which is included in the training price.

Package training courses – hyaluronic acid use

The offered training package is the best solution for people who want to gain practical skills within the field of cross-linked hyaluronic acid uses and applications. Please note that 80% of our courses are devoted to practical exercises! Thanks to this approach you are guaranteed to acquire essential skills. Therefore, if you want to perform various procedures with the use of hyaluronic acid (e.g. wrinkle filling or lip contouring or enhancement procedures) you could not find a better place. We are convinced that all people dealing with the aesthetic medicine will be satisfied with the offered training course program. We will be happy to welcome you at our training courses.

Training program:

9-10 hours - PLN 4000

you save PLN 400


Skin ageing process
Hyaluronic acid
Products available in Poland – differences
Adverse reactions
Lines and wrinkles
Modelling and filling techniques
Retrograde linear
Anterograde linear
Correlation methods
Nasolabial folds
Smile lines and cheek wrinkles
Peri-oral smoker’s wrinkles (so-called barcode wrinkles)
Marionette lines
Chin sag
Corners of the mouth

Further proceeding
How to proceed in the case of excessive material delivery
Client’s card / consent to undergo a procedure, discussion of complicated cases
Female lip standards – ideal lips, proportion rules
Male lip standard
Proper contouring
Products available on the market
Product properties – differences
Lip enhancement technique
The common mistakes
Post-procedure complications
Important information
Client’s card and consent to undergo a procedure, discussion of complicated cases


All participants learn how to deliver product on models. Procedure area: wrinkles around face and lip contouring/enhancement.

All procedures are performed under the certified training specialist’s supervision.

In 80% our courses are devoted to the practical aspects. We work on a big number of models.

Additional benefits from our training courses

In 80% our courses are devoted to the practical aspects. We work on a big number of models.
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Retraining workshops
We provide retraining workshops for people who do not feel confident performing aesthetic procedures.
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Training at your place
We train across Poland.
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Once the training is completed you will have a constant contact with the training specialist.

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