Needle mesotherapy, injection lipolysis and application of a non cross-linked hyaluronic acid.

New! BioPeeling – a pre-aesthetic treatment to prepare skin for an invasive procedure. Presentation and discussion of used products included in the training price.

All participants receive a mini package to perform this procedure upon finishing the training course. The package includes: 2 ml of non cross-linked hyaluronic acid - seventy hyal 2000 worth PLN 250. All procedures are performed under the certified training specialist's supervision.
We organise models for the course. In 80% our training program is devoted to practical exercises.

Training program:

8 hours - PLN 2900


  1. Mesotherapy definition
  2. Mesotherapy in aesthetic treatments
  3. Mesotherapy effects
  4. Indications
  5. Contraindications
  6. Adverse reactions
  7. Product application techniques: nappage, microbubbles, deposit
  8. Important information before and after procedure
  9. Combined techniques
  10. Products available in Poland – differences
  11. Active ingredients that will best work on a given part subject to treatment
  12. Preparing the work station
  13. Treatments (face, neck and cleavage revitalisation, discolouration, hair loss and alopecia, hand moisturising, local defatting, cellulite, stretch marks)
  1. Needle mesotherapy of:
    • face – special focus on eye areas, upper and lower eyelid
    • neck
    • cleavage
    • head skin
    • hands
  2. Injection lipolysis
    • so-called double chin
    • shoulders
    • stomach
    • breeches
    • buttocks
    • knees

Additional benefits from our training courses

In 80% our courses are devoted to the practical aspects. We work on a big number of models.
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Retraining workshops
We provide retraining workshops for people who do not feel confident performing aesthetic procedures.
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Training at your place
We train across Poland.
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Once the training is completed you will have a constant contact with the training specialist.

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